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Social media industry which is running on rapid growth, any slowdown in user engagement sounds danger. And Twitter, has been sounding a lot of them recently.

Throughout the recent year, Twitter has made various little and enormous changes, to drive user engagement and improve the overall logging in and experience of the platform. But we know how extreme it can be to keep up with these types of social media updates, which is why we put together a list of the main features and changes below.


1) The 140-Character Count

To the extent debates go, Twitter’s 140-character limit is about as hostile as the Oxford comma.

Some say the character limit on tweets is essential to Twitter’s identity. It secures Twitter in place as one of the fastest ways for ideas and messages to spread.

Others are ready to see it lifted, arguing that removing the 140-character cap would open Twitter up to a new and engaging range of content and possibly new users. One area where the agony of the character cap is especially sharp is in adding media to your tweets.

By default, media links used to take up 23 characters in a tweet, which is around 16% of your allocated characters. That said, images are a boon for interactivity on your tweets.

HubSpot directed an investigation and found that tweets with images resulted in 18% more clickthroughs and 150% more retweets.

Trysocio social media


A year ago, Twitter announced that media (e.g., images, videos) attached to tweets would soon no longer count against your 140-character count. The same rule would apply to the @handle answering to another person’s tweet.

This update makes a couple of improvements to the way replies and retweets are handled. User will never again need to add a character preceding to a reply — for example, “@trysocio” — to ensure their reply is seen by all followers.

Not to mention, users will be able to retweet their own content on the off chance that they need to add an idea to a previous post.


2) Accessible Images

One of the ideas generated on making Twitter more open to users who are visually impaired. In other words, people using Twitter’s iOS and Android apps would now be able to add alt content to images within tweets. Websites have long used alt text to help visually impaired visitors understand the messages conveyed by images, using assistive technology like a screen reader or Braille display.

The accessible images feature has to be set up at the user level.

Including accessibility may seem like a smaller win, but it’s a best practice across businesses and organizations looking to grow their audiences and do the right thing.


3) Native GIF Search

Despite the fact that this list isn’t weighted for significance,  it took genuine self control  not to place this at number one. As someone who is highly dependent on GIFs, this feature release was a major one for me.

In 2015, people shared more than 100 million GIFs on Twitter. When you think about the steps it previously took to share an animated image on Twitter, that number is even more impressive.

Previously, you had to leave Twitter, search for the appropriate GIF on any number of GIF search engines, save that image, go back to Twitter, recompose your tweet, and finally, upload the image. Today, with Twitter’s new GIF feature, you just click a button and conduct the search there — no saving or uploading needed.


4) The Switch to Uncropped Photos

Twitter may have begun as a text-based platform, but images are a source of some of its top engagement. That’s why the news that Twitter had adjusted its image size requirements to not force-crop most images came with such praise. The resulting experience means that Twitter is more visual and engaging right off the bat.

See the before and after shots provided by Twitter below:

twitter Trysocio

Along with the uncropped photo update, Twitter also introduced a new view for multi-photo displays. This update allows users to see even more of the individual photos included in a collage.

Social media marketing company worldwide saw this as one the major step from twitter, realising their last year’s slow pace and heavy competition from the other giants.

To emerge as a brand, one should take advantage of all these new features when promoting their services/products using social media channels. At Trysocio, we make sure that our clients are delivered up-to-date and quality social media activities real time.

Credits- Hubspot, Twitter

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